Save Money

Reduce spent on rebuying the same products over and over again within your organization

Reduce Time

Work faster and smarter by running couple of precesses in parallel with our Transaction Management System


Connect your sources and control the access with our Data Integration Control and save time to dicover your Products

Share & Collaborate

Send requests, share your products and work with your teammates and spread your knowledge around your galaxy

Our Solution

With our mission to enable 100% data utilization in the life-science sector with a platform for dataset discovery, access, sharing and collaboration, we implemented the following systems:

Product Discovery

We're connected to all the free open databases in world, including also the biggest product providers in the world, and with your internal product connections, we provide you with a universe of data to discover

  • Connect your network/s
  • Control the access to each product
  • Create new products
  • Send and manage your product requests

Analytics and Budget Management

01 knows to importance of data, that's why we provide with all the needed reports and control to know how your organization and teammates work with the emphasis on the spend and revenues

With the Budget Management System you'll be able to control the spend internally and per person, and by that save a lot of money to your organization

Reduce time on transactions by doing all the steps and processes in parallel with all the relevant stakeholders

  • Manage couple of transactions in parallel for the same product
  • Assign the relevant stakeholders for each transaction and its steps and work seamlessly
  • Reduce the time your flow from an avg. of 1 year to couple of months

Collaborate and share your products and knowledge with your galaxy and the universe you are in

Build products, link them to already existing one, sell them or share them, write articles and ask question to use the crowd wisdom

Our new Forum allows you to share your articles and knowledge with your teammates and anyone else you wish to. You can also ask questions and let your teammates in the organization or outside to support you with their knowledge and share the relevant and needed data. Save time and money with moving faster by just use your teammates.


Hear from our partners

Director, Global Data Management

“We cut data rebuying of one dataset by 50% from $140M to $70M per year”

Director, project Data42

“Other solutions don’t have ZeroOne’s functionality. They demand IT development, are technically limited, apply to limited data types and don’t break data silos”

Director, Global Data Management

“ZeroOne covers 80% of the data operations groundwork before the 20% work on analytics and AI”

Project manager, Health AI

“We don’t have a way to find internal or external data besides asking people we know”

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